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giovedì 24 maggio 2018

FULL – The Future Urban Legacy Lab. - International Presentation

ore 17:00 - Tesa 105 - Arsenale Nord - Venezia

FULL the Future Urban Legacy Lab is glad to announce its International Presentation at Arsenale Nord in Venice.

FULL is a Politecnico di Torino research centre that merges and boosts established PoliTo research experiences into a brand new interdisciplinary approach to urban phenomena, built on the integration of morphology, economy, evidence-based design and socio-technical understanding. FULL, as a research group, explores, imagines and designs the future of global and local urban and industrial architecture legacy embodied in city form.

During the event we will discuss the issue of Urban Legacies and their relationship with the future of the Cites with:
Matteo Robiglio Architect and Project Manager of FULL
Vicente Guallart Chief Architect Barcelona City Council (2011-15)
Nina Rappaport Architectural Critic, Curator, and Educator. Author of the book “Vertical Urban Factory"
Hyungmin Pai Architectural Historian, Critic, Curator. Co-Director of the Seoul Biennale 2017
José Aragüez Architect and Writer. Author of the book “The Building”
Jianxiang He Architect and Co-Founder of O-office Architects

The event will be held at Tesa 105 - Arsenale Nord, the 24th of May at 5 pm.