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Fonsati, Arianna (2022)
InfraBIM methods and tools applied to companies┬┐ implementation processes. relatore: OSELLO, Anna; DAMIANI, ALESSANDRO; , 34. XXIV Ciclo, P.: 190 Download fulltext
Polania, D. R.; Tondolo, F.; Osello, A.; Fonsati, A.; De Gaetani, C.; Trincianti, C.; ... (2022)
Digitalization Processes and Bridge Information Modeling for Existing Bridges. In: 1st Conference of the European Association on Quality Control of Bridges and Structures, EUROSTRUCT 2021, ita, 2021, pp. 944-953. ISSN 2366-2557. ISBN: 978-3-030-91876-7
Ugliotti, Francesca Maria; De Luca, Daniela; Fonsati, Arianna; Del Giudice, Matteo; ... (2021)
Students and teachers turn into avatars for online education. In: 15th International Technology, Education and Development Conference, Digital, 8-9 March, 2021, pp. 4556-4565. ISBN: 978-84-09-27666-0
Fonsati, Arianna (2021)
KPIs to Drive Smart City Assessment. In: Handbook of Research on Developing Smart Cities Based on Digital Twins / Del Giudice M., Osello A., Hershey PA, USA, IGI Global, pp. 172-195. ISBN: 9781799870913
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