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Campanella, Alessandro; Ferrulli, Eliana; Barbero, Silvia (2021)
Rethinking Experiential Learning in Design Education. In: 6th International Conference for Design Education Researchers _ Engaging with Challenges in Design Education, Shandong University of Art & Design, Jinan, China, 24–26 September 2021, pp. 807-815. ISBN: 978-1-912294-45-9 Download fulltext
Giraldo, Carolina; Ferrulli, Eliana; Barbero, Silvia (2021)
Disrupting governance by Systemic Design and co-creating the public value. In: Design Culture(s). Cumulus Conference Proceedings Rome 2021, Sapienza University of Rome, June 8-11, 2021, pp. 4009-4024. ISSN 2490-046X. ISBN: 978-952-64-9004-5 Download fulltext
Ferrulli, Eliana; Giraldo Nohra, Carolina; Barbero, Silvia (2019)
Systemic Design for Policy Foresight: towards sustainable future. In: Conference proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management, London, 19–21 June 2019, pp. 1150-1161 Download fulltext
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