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Lumiaho, Aki; Ordóñez, Dolores; Roccasalva, Giuseppe; Lackner, Ursula; Bena, Francesca; ... (2020)
e-Mobility to add new innovative mobility solutions for citizens and local authorities. In: TRA Transport Research Arena 2020, Helsinki, pp. 138-138. ISSN 2669-8781. ISBN: 978-952-311-484-5
Baranzini, Daniele; Trojaniello, Diana; Groppo, Riccardo; Annoni, Marco; Violante, ... (2020)
Electro-Mobility-as-a-Service (eMaaS) in the EU funded STEVE Project experience. In: TRA Transport Research Arena - Helsinki 2020, Helsinki, pp. 52-53. ISSN 2669-8781. ISBN: 978-952-311-484-5
Roccasalva, Giuseppe (2019)
Urban Standards monetisation: experiments between limits and perspectives. In: TERRITORIO ITALIA. ISSN 2240-7707
Roccasalva, Giuseppe (2019)
Le monetizzazioni degli standard urbanistici: esperimenti tra limiti e prospettive. In: TERRITORIO ITALIA, pp. 57-73. ISSN 2240-7707 Download fulltext
Roccasalva, G. (2019)
A bottom up initiative for biodiversity: ecologic reppresentation for the inner areas of Sardinia. In: Planning, Nature and Ecosystem Services / Gargiulo C., Zoppi C., Naples, FedOAPress, pp. 98-110. ISBN: 978-88-6887-054-6
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