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Yildiz, Gozde; Sahin Guchan, Neriman (2020)
Rethinking the Industrial Heritage of Ayvalik through Trajectories on Extracting Olive Oil and Soap Making. In: SPACE AND CULTURE. ISSN 1206-3312 Download fulltext
Yildiz, Gozde (2020)
From a Macro to Micro Perspective of the Formation of the ‘Bosnian Identity’ During the Austro-Hungarian Administration: Actors, Habitus, Dispositive and Cultural Capital. In: Architectural Culture and Society, London- virtual, 2020, pp. 14-21. ISBN: 978-1-9162841-4-2
Yildiz, Gozde (2020)
Transformation Process of Industrial Heritage Places; Case Study: Northern Industrial Zone of Ayvalık, Turkey. In: AIPAI-Stati Generali del Patrimonio Industriale 2018, venezia, padova, 2018-OCTOBER, pp. 12.23-12.23. ISBN: 978 88 2970 628 0 Download fulltext
Swallow Dome: From Domestic Dwellings to the Monumental Buildings. In: Sistemi voltati complessi: geometria, disegno, costruzione | Complex Vaulted Systems: Geometry, Design, Construction / Bianchini C., Calvo-López J., Giordano A., López-Mozo A., Navarro-Camallonga P., Spallone R., Vitali M., Canterano, RM, Aracne Editrice, pp. 245-255. ISBN: 978 88 255 3053 7
Yildiz, G.; SAHIN GUCHAN, N. (2018)
An Industrial Heritage Case Study in Ayvalık: Ertem Olive Oil Factory. In: JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY URBAN AFFAIRS, vol. 2, pp. 20-30. ISSN 2475-6156 Download fulltext
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