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Bodino, Miriam (2022)
Reframing the Role of Public Open Space. The case of Cape Town. S.L., Springer, P. 176. ISBN: 978-3-030-94322-6
Bodino, Miriam (2019)
Reframing the role of public open space as a tool for urban restructuring. The case of Cape Town. relatore: MELLANO, PAOLO; , 30. XXX Ciclo, P.: 303 Download fulltext
Mehan, Asma; Bodino, Miriam (2018)
Il Louvre a Teheran, in equilibrio tra cultura e politica. In: IL GIORNALE DELL'ARCHITETTURA, pp. 1-3. ISSN 2284-1369 Download fulltext
Daniela De Leo, ; Valentina, Alberti; Miriam, Bodino (2017)
The challenges of planning in the unequal cities. "Urban poverty workshop" for innovating urban planners education path.. In: Spaces of dialog for places of dignity. Fostering the European dimension of planning., Lisbon, 11-14 July 2017, pp. 439-444. ISBN: 978-989-99801-3-6 Download fulltext
Bodino, Miriam (2017)
A change is needed. Urban regeneration may be the answer.. In: AGRIBUSINESS PAESAGGIO & AMBIENTE, vol. XX, pp. 30-33. ISSN 2038-3371 Download fulltext
Bodino, Miriam (2017)
South Africa’s new challenges: planning inclusive connection spaces.. In: Architectural research addressing societal challenges, Lisbon, 15-18 June 2016, pp. 69-76. ISBN: 9781138029668
Bodino, Miriam; Pavani, Arturo (2017)
African Cities: Defining a Paradox. In: TERRITORIO, vol. 81, pp. 18-22. ISSN 1825-8689
Bodino, Miriam (2016)
The Pursuit of Inclusion in Unequal Contemporary Cities. Learning from Cape Town desegregation.. In: THE PLAN JOURNAL, vol. 1, pp. 335-350. ISSN 2531-7644 Download fulltext
Bodino, Miriam (2015)
Urban Africa; key words. In: L’Africa delle città | Urban Africa, Torino, 16-17 ottobre 2015 Download fulltext
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