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Fenoglio, Elisa; Fantucci, Stefano; Perino, Marco; Serra, Valentina; Dutto, Marco; ... (2020)
Energy retrorofit of residential buildings with a novel super-insulating aerogel-based plaster. In: AICARR JOURNAL, vol. 61, pp. 44-48. ISSN 2038-2723 Download fulltext
Bellintani, S.; Thiebat, F.; Baiardi, L.; Savio, L.; Celani, A.; Giovanardi, M.; Marino, ... (2020)
Global for local. Milano Digital District: call for design. In: Progettare in vivo la rigenerazione urbana / S.N., S.L., Maggioli, pp. 202-209. ISBN: 9788891638779
Elagiry, M.; Marino, V.; Lasarte, N.; Elguezabal, P.; Messervey, T. (2019)
BIM4Ren: Barriers to BIM Implementation in Renovation Processes in the Italian Market. In: PROCEEDINGS, vol. 20, pp. 24-28. ISSN 2504-3900 Download fulltext
Marino, Valentina; Pagani, Roberto (2015)
Chasing Smart Communities standards: lesson learnt from Geothermal Communities project in Montieri (Italy). In: 6th International Building Physics Conference, IBPC 2015, pp. 681-686 Download fulltext
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