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Federighi, V. (2022)
Unici e ripetibili. Quattro progetti alla prova della pratica.. Melfi, Libria, P. 108. ISBN: 978-88-6764-273-1
Cesareo, Federico; Federighi, Valeria (2022)
Narrating Innovation. Some Stories in the Voice of Practitioners.. In: INNOVATION IN PRACTICE IN THEORY. POSITIONING ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AND ITS AGENCY / Barioglio C., Campobenedetto D., Dutto A. A., Federighi V., Quaglio C., Todella E., Torrance, CA, Applied Research and Design Publishing, an imprint of ORO editions, pp. 97-105. ISBN: 978-1-954081-55-0
Federighi, Valeria; Bruno, Edoardo (2022)
The Detroit Great Game. Explorations around architectural design and its agency.. Baunach, AADR (Art, Architecture, Design, Research), P. 192. ISBN: 978-3-88778-621-2
Barioglio, C.; Campobenedetto, D.; Dutto, A. A.; Federighi, V.; Quaglio, C.; Todella, E., a cura di (2022)
Innovation in Practice in Theory: Positioning Architectural Design and its Agency.. Los Angeles, Applied Research and Design Publishing, P. 240. ISBN: 9781954081550
Federighi, Valeria (2021)
Resisting from within: the Ita Thao house and settlement as breeding ground for design innovation. In: Activism at home. Architects dwelling between politics, aesthetics, and resistance / Doucet I., Gosseye J., Berlin, Jovis Verlag, pp. 272-281. ISBN: 978-3-86859-633-5
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