The Research Centre in Habitat in the Global South

The Research Centre in Habitat in the Global South (CRD-PVS) was founded within the Politecnico di Torino in 2003, based on the research and activities carried out since the 70s by prof. Giorgio Ceragioli in the field of architecture and international development cooperation. As a precursor of studies on that subject, between 1969 and 1972, he introduced and taught free courses on building industrialization and social housing in extreme conditions in the Global South.

In 1989 he founded the School of Specialization in “Technology, Architecture and City in Developing Countries” (1989-2003), followed over the years by the postgraduate Courses “Habitat, technology and development” (2003-2015) and “Habitat and cooperation” (2015-2016) and, finally, the 2nd level Specializing Master “TECHs 4 Change: Design for Social and Technological Innovation in Development”. All programs have been aimed at capacity building, and provide architects and engineers with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop an interdisciplinary approach to the management of international development cooperation projects encompassing the urban, architectural and technological scale, integrating the social and technological dimensions.

The Centre is committed in research and education activities focused on design in extreme and fragile conditions, such as climate or social emergency, and science awareness initiatives (seminars, lectures, workshops, etc.). Moreover, it participates in international and technical cooperation projects in partnership with universities, local entities, international and non-governmental organizations.

Over time, the Centre has promoted and supported “learning by doing” activities involving student teams, which have foreseen the design and realization of tools (physical and digital) or of self-built full-scale prototypes, studying and experimenting the use of natural raw materials and traditional improved or hybrid technologies. It is worth mentioning the design and implementation of the following projects: the Micro-regional Community Centre in Mexico, awarded the Mexico Best Public interest Design Award 2014 and the Medalla Gustavo Baz Prada (2011/2012); Crowdmapping Mirafiori Sud, awarded the SiforAGE Prize (Social Innovation Research Prize) (2013); Anpil Pay, a housing prototype in straw bales (2015); Hygiene First, awarded the 2nd Prize Contest Lavazza and Youth for SDGs (2017/2018); B-UP - the Core House awarded the 1° Prize UN e Worldbank Resilent Homes Design Challenge (2020-ongoing).

A specialized library on habitat-related topics in the Global South, that collects more than 6000 items in different languages, is available at the Centre’s venue (Istituto Galileo Ferraris, Corso Massimo D’Azeglio 42, Torino).

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