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8-9 ottobre 2024

REAACH (REpresentation Advances And Challenges) Symposium 2024


Over the past four years, the Symposium intended to promote research by Representation scholars aimed at connecting augmented reality (AR) technology with the discipline of artificial intelligence (AI).
The breadth of interests that emerged during the past Symposiums, coupled with the now usual very rapid development of technologies, tools and devices, now requires a (controlled) expansion of the theoretical content and application areas of the present call of REAACH 2024 Symposium, as well as careful monitoring of the disciplines that can be involved, starting with the AI-XR pair. XR, an acronym for extended reality, has emerged in recent years as a concept encompassing AR, VR (virtual reality), and MR (mixed reality), offering new ways of interacting with the real. In this sense, the fields of application open to the worlds of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, architectural, environmental, infrastructural and product design, and education, as a place for advanced training and as a tool for educational enhancement.
REpresentation Advances And Challenges Symposium intends to explore, through the lens of Representation, the research areas that gravitate around AI-XR, opening up new transdisciplinary thinking.
Authors are asked to submit projects whose experimentation is ongoing at the time of abstract submission and is in an advanced stage of development, which should be adequately documented at the time of presentation at the Symposium.

Key Dates
• 05/06/2024 - Abstract submission deadline
• 15/07/2024 - Abstract acceptance for oral or video communication
• 20/09/2024 - Fee payment and registration deadline for authors (oral or video contribution)
• 30/09/2024 - Deadline for free online registration for auditors
• 08-09/10/2024 - REAACH 2024 Symposium online
• 15/11/2024 - Invitation to authors to submit an extended paper as directed by the Scientific Committee
• 15/01/2025 - Deadline for submission of extended paper

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