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venerdì 14 giugno 2024

Building Resilience to Climate Changes and Urban Climate issues (7th lecture/conference meeting)

11.00-13.00 (CET) - Room 5V – PoliTO Castello del Valentino and online

The PRELUDE project - Prescient building Operation utilising Real-Time data for Energy Dynamic Optimization – aims to support advanced innovative, smart, low-cost solutions supporting intelligent buildings and proactive optimisation services. Among the others, the project pursues the minimisation of energy uses, the maximisation of self-consumption and renewable sources balance, and the improvement of comfort conditions supporting the maximisation of free-running building potentials. This event is the seventh of a series of lectures/conferences on smart building issues, climate-free-running building design, and operational solutions. This lecture/conference focuses on climate change and its impacts on the built environment. It discusses some of the novelties in climate modelling and introduces the new approaches for building resilience tested during the PRELUDE project. Contents focus on the one side on introducing the climate change dimension with more recent innovations in future climate models from devoted projects and, on the other side, the discussion and presentation of PRELUDE’s innovations regarding urban climate analyses and climate resilience studies, including a new dynamic simulation platform mixing building simulations and climate analyses at both territorial and single site scales. Speakers are recognised academic experts in the topic both from and outside the PRELUDE consortium.
Keywords: PRELUDE, climate change, urban climate, climate resilience, bioclimatic design, building simulation, building optimisation
11:00 | Giacomo Chiesa (POLITO, Italy) – Welcome and introduction to the educational event series and to the PRELUDE project
11:15 | Jost von Hardenberg (POLITO DIATI, Italy) – Addressing climate change adaptation with high-resolution global numerical modelling
12:45 | Maria Kolokotroni (BUL, UK) – Urban context and climate change impact on the thermal performance of residential buildings
12:15 | G.Chiesa, P.Carrisi, A.Jahanirahaei (POLITO, Italy) – Built environment, climate change, and bioclimatics: territorial and single site analyses via a new simulation platform
12:45 | Q&A session

11.00-13.00 (CET)
Physical: Room 5V – PoliTO Castello del Valentino